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About the Inventor

John Robben, the inventor of the STIICK, went to Providence College for Painting and Photography, both of which have been his career focus.  As an artist his creativity has never ceased and he has been journaling inventions and brainstorming unique product ideas for as long as he can remember.

The entire Robben family has been intimately involved in the Toy Industry for many years.  His grandfather was the President of the Toy Knights and his father followed those footsteps as a toy sales rep.  Eventually RobToy, Inc. was created and it was a family affair with nearly ten family members, including John, working for the company.  They were known for creating the detailed information booklet called the “International Toy Center Directory”.

Returning to his roots in the toy industry, combined with his artistic creativity, 4 years ago John started designing various prototypes of the STIICK.  The idea came from 15 years of walking around with a tall pole. John began attaching items to the poles he used such as lights, as he would at times walk in the dark.  He also personalized these walking sticks based on his likes and hobbies or offered a solution like a place to attach his cell phone. 

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